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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Solution for health care costs: buy bricks for gas ovens

The real issue with health care reform is beginning to clarify. The Democrats believe that health care is something that should be available to everybody. The Republicans believe you should get health care only if you can afford it. The Democrats seem to labor under under some Christian foolery about feeding the poor and healing the sick and that it is better to serve than to be served. The Republicans have a much more realistic view that the real satisfactions of life are found in how many people you can screw over. This principle is constantly demonstrated in their marital lives and their politics and their defense of the bankers and corporate executives whose personal screw-overs have caused the worst recession since The Depression.

The case for health care reform is that almost 50 million people are not insured. Of those who have policies, the premiums, deductibles, and co-pays are major financial burdens. The monthly premium for some family plans has reached $2,000. While the Republicans raise their hysterical cries about socialized medicine, government-run medicine, and the horrendous costs of a public option, they totally avoid addressing if something should be done about the 50 million uninsured, the burgeoning costs of health care and their effect on family budgets.

Their major argument against a public-option is that insurances companies cannot compete with it. The costs of current plans is exactly why two-thirds of the voters in America would like to see a public option or a single-payer system. Few people who have current plans are happy with them, and they are looking for a more reasonable option.

A physician who works for Microsoft has stated the case. He says that we need to face the reality that healthcare is not affordable for many people. He makes no comment on what that fact portends for the people who can't afford it or even if they should be a considearation. He makes no suggestion as to what should be their fate, but he doesn't need to. If they can't afford health care, they can damned well get sick and die.

Humankind has faced this question concerning the care of those who can't afford to care for themselves before. Hitler and his Nazi regime found a solution. A final solution. Hitler called the indigent, the halt, and lame "useless eaters." He said they contributed nothing to society and consumed its resources. So, he ran them through gas ovens. This final solution was used on the ailing before it was widely adopted as a final solution for the Jews and other minorities in concentration camps.

Zyklon-B, the gas, has undergone extensive tests on humans, has been found to end all ailments and pathologies, and has the added virtue of killing lice. What goes around comes around, and here it comes again. Although gas ovens have not been proposed as yet, neither have the opponents of reform offered any plan for health care to those who can't afford it. All the arguments against health care reform are the same arguments used in support of gas ovens as a medical option. So, you poor ladies and gentlemen who find that health care is a luxury you can't afford, this way to the gas ovens. You won't suffer and you sure as hell won't ever vote again. And take your liberalism with you.


There are examinations of the problems in health care that might be looked at. Even the Democrats and other liberals might take a look at them. And maybe even the media might take its collective head out that great dark place that is the haunt of proctologists and examine a fact or two. The
Columbia Journalism Review is running a series on health care in the hopes that reporters and others might inform and elevate the debate on health care. Even bloggers can go there and read some aspects of health care reform that are not covered.

But the Democrats equivocate and quake and the Republicans deny and obstruct. So, this way to the gas ovens, ladies and gentlemen. Care to buy a brick? With your name on it?

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