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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Accused spy is from Aberdeen

The Washington Post states that Aberdeen was the place where retired State Department official Kendall Myers became associated with his wife Gwendolyn who have been charged with spying for Cuba.

The following year [1979], Myers moved to South Dakota, apparently to teach, friends said. He lived with a woman who would soon become his second wife, Gwendolyn Trebilcock, a legislative aide for then-Sen. John Abourezk (D) in her home town of Aberdeen.

Abourezk said in an interview yesterday that he liked both of them. "She is a very good woman," he said. "And I always thought he was a decent human being."

The Myers have entered not guilty pleas to the charge.

Update note: Mrs. Myers maiden name is Steingraber. Trebilcock, a name well-known in Aberdeen, is from lher first marriage.


Barry G. Wick said...

Aberdeen? Well, there you are.(tongue in cheek) I always thought some of the citizens of that part of the state were traitors...he's probably a Brown County Democrat, too.
In all's really sad news that someone has to live in the USA and be completely opposed to our way of life while enjoying it...working against us while being our friend. If that's not the height of traitordom, I don't know what is.

Douglas said...

I do wonder what relevant "secrets" of significance could have been passed on to Castro. Perhaps something related to US-Soviet relations.

Or perhaps just screwups and waste that incompetent bureaucrats and politicians did not want US citizens to know.

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