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Friday, June 12, 2009

The latest model in lies about healthcare is ready for your consumption

Conservatives for Patients Rights is churning out misinformation about the health care reform.
Their latest effort in a television ad says that the proposals before Congress could "crush" your health care options and drive 119 million people off of current insturance plans onto a publically financed plan. points out that those statements are not true:

That's misleading. The 119 million figure comes from an analysis of a plan that would mirror Medicare and be open to every individual and business that wanted it. But that's not the type of public plan President Obama has proposed. Nor is such a plan gaining acceptance on Capitol Hill.

The author of the study says that while some have backed the Medicare-like proposal, using the 119 million number "overstates the impact of what now is being considered."

The ad also falsely cites the New York Times as the source of a statement that what's being proposed would leave no consumer choices and "government in control of your health care." The Times didn't say that at all. The newspaper was just quoting claims made by insurance companies and members of Congress.

Read the entire analysis by clicking on this link.

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Douglas said...

I saw the simultaneous ads this group stuck on KELO and KSFY during the Sabbath Gasbag shows. Did a check at Geektools. The patient name has little to do with patients and much to do with the same groups promoting the TEA parties. Have the info and intend to get it into Dakota Today this evening. Good to see that you are on this too.

These groups prey on the easily fooled and their tendency to assume if they see something often enough it must be true.

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