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Monday, July 9, 2012

A video just made for right-wing America

It has it all.  A man demonstrating the efficacy of an assault rifle in defending his home from intruders and his homeland from creeping invasion by socialists, communists, LGBTs, and people of color sneaking over the borders.  It has the domination, humiliation, and proper extermination of a woman whose vagina no longer seemed useful.  And a bunch of encouraging dolts celebrating manhood by applauding the brave and honorable defender and the death of the woman.

I hesitate to post it, because it might distract some of the discussants at Madville Times from further contributing their incisive wisdom about how America was built on the firm foundation of the Second Amendment, as they so generously interpret it for us.  

In the wisdom of their god, who they also will so generously define, even the Taliban has something to teach us. 

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