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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dementia is big business. Can it restore the economy?

If, like me, you are an insomniac and turn to night-time radio to lull you back to sleep or occupy those restless hours, you know the night is populated with messengers of hate and derangement.  That is particularly true in Aberdeen, where the BBC night service can be, perhaps, a bit too boring; where the other alternatives are either the incessant and silly chatter about sports, or country music--for which I am restricted to very small doses.  That leaves so-called religious stations who are frantically warning the world that Obama is devil (After all, he has origins in the land of gargoyles.) and talk radio.

You can pick up some distant stations which offer a secular version of Obama as satan, but the dominant noise in the night is supplied by the widely syndicated Coast-to-Coast AM, usually presided over by George Noory, who is unusually qualified to address and propagate the benighted.  His program focuses on UFOs, alien abductions,  ghosts, the falsehood of all science, and the like.  The specialty is conspiracy theories.  In the Coast-to-Coast view, the universe is just one massive conspiracy theory out to get all the true believers out there.  

Over the years, talk radio has become a major source for feeding the dementia whose advocates are having so much success in dismantling education, the biggest threat to our constitutional freedom of bearing conspiracies.  Some of what comes out of talk radio fits only in the category of criminal insanity.  Last night was one of the toppers.

The host on Coast-to-Coast last night was the big voiced John B. Wells, who seems unusually steeped in the rich lore of dementia.  His specialty is the conspiracies that American government and other institutions harbor to do in the whole human race.  His guest was a man named Roger Tolces, who claims to be an expert in the use of electronic surveillance devices for getting control of America--control by whom is left to the imagination or identified by conspirators of one's choice.  

Tolces took on the mass shooting at the theater in Aurora, Colorado, last week.  The shooter, James Holmes, according to Tolces, is a kind of Manchurian candidate, conditioned by his conditioners solely for the purpose of carrying out the mission for a massacre in Colorado.  When asked what the purpose of such a massacre is, Tolces said it was to create such a revulsion against guns so that the people who are gaining control of America can have the pretext for disarming the citizens--as he claims Hitler did in Austria.  

America's Manchurian
James Holmes is just a creation of the conspirators.  

And the dementia goes on and grows day by day.

On the bright side,  Willard Romney, who found the trees in Michigan to be just the right size, found the organizers of the Olympics in London coming up a bit short.  

It is really hard to keep up with all these advances of the intellect.  

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Bob Newland said...

Tolces is a plant, commissioned by the international corporations, to spew stuff so outrageous that we won't pay attention to the actual inroads by the government that threaten our liberty.

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