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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will you please stop moving the rocks and letting the idiots out?

This was in my e-mail box just now:

Albuquerque  NM  28 APRIL 2011


Just another media-hyped communist con-game - and cracked within an hour of release
- despite media coverage ever since without mention of the obvious forgery (deliberate suppression?).

While it remains available, download the pdf document from the White House site;

Then open it in Adobe Illustrator - the LAYERS are clear and absolute!  A pdf file shouldn't have LAYERS and a pristine file shouldn't have evidence of tampering.
 This phony document has both!

Anyone can do it and EVERYONE who does will know the damned thing is a manufactured forgery.  Only communist media and politicians will continue to hype this atrocity as valid; and only RINOs (closet communists) will keep silent about, or dismiss, the issue.

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caheidelberger said...
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Douglas said...

About 3 million hits at Google for Fake Obama Birth Certificate.

The real problem with the birth certificate is that it was not on black paper with white print.

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