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Friday, April 1, 2011

An Eqyptian saves the American Union

Her quest for freedom inspired a nation.  Well, scared the shit out of part of it. 

Her name is Carlotta the Cobra.  Actually, she hasn't been named yet, but the authorities who hold her captive or look after her welfare, whichever way you want to look at it, plan to hold a contest to give her a name.  She resents the welfare reference and that resentment is partly what is behind her break for freedom.  However, as soon as her freedom was made public, those who so despise that this alien is receiving support from the state wanted her captured again.  My god, they said, an escaped Egyptian?  Is she in this  country legally?  She could be a member of Al Qaeda. Or  worse, a Muslim.

Carlotta is an Egyptian cobra.  She is very young, and watched intensely as her youthful compatriots back in Egypt took to the streets and city squares and demonstrated for their freedom.  That's not a bad idea, Carlotta thought, why don't I join them?  She slipped out of her incarceration place at the Bronx Zoo and set the U.S. in a tizzy.   Some folks were panicked at the thought that a cobra or a Muslim could be slithering around in their midst.

However, people in the U.S. were a bit wrought up over the fact that the American Taliban, er ah, Tea Party minions were successfully taking away the rights of women to make choices, the rights of laborers to have a voice in their working conditions, and were  limiting the ability of education at all levels to educate--as dangerous to them as a loose cobra--and were creating new ways to enhance the wealth and privileges of America's corporate sheiks.  The loose cobra provided a few moments of diversion that made some Americans titter and twitter and they found it more constructive to think about a cobra lurking somewhere in a search for freedom than to take to the streets and face their oppressors.

A cobra saved the union.  At least for this week. 

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