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Friday, June 1, 2007

Where have all the bees gone? The neo-cons ate them.

That's as good an explanation as any. Honey bees are paying with their lives because they of their pro-choice attitude.

But here in the Washington Post is as good a story as you will find on the matter. Neo-cons may find it offensive. It is full of information, and it is literate. Sinful. Absolutely sinful.

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Douglas said...

The WP article is probably not a "bad" article, but it seems a bit flippant considering the possible seriousness of the Beed Colony Collapse Disease or whatever is the problem.

With your continuing attacks on blogs, this would have seemed to be an article in the more traditional media that perhaps warranted your sharp pen.

Don't you think the WP article was a tad bit artsy with the attempt to work in literary and societal references relating bees to other events and things? Seemed a bit strained to me. Not that I have ever written anything strained or strange for that matter.

Meanwhile back here in the boondocks, the ticks are a dreadful pest. We can't walk through grass or touch a dog without seeming to pick one of disease-carrying pests up.

This is followed by feeling every little breeze and reacting as if it must be a crawling tick.

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