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Thursday, June 14, 2018

If the FBI didn't regard Trump as a suspect, it wouldn't be doing its job

Today the Inspector General of the Department of Justice releases his report on his investigation into the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email issue.  Trump has contended that the FBI had a cabal that opposed him and supported Clinton.  The IG report refutes that, as have many previous investigations.  However, for political reasons, an important fact regarding Trump and the FBI is seldom mentioned.

Over the decades, complaints of Trump's criminal conduct have been made that would put him on the suspect list of many law enforcement agencies.  As a billionaire, he has two advantages.  First, his status as a very wealthy businessman gives him special dispensation:  rather than file criminal charges and arrest him, law enforcement attorneys file law suits.  Second, he has the money to hire batteries of lawyers who obfuscate, obstruct, and delay proceedings, so that the complainants run out of money.

A suit was filed against his foundation today by the  
New York Attorney General for "sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign."  Although the charges are that he and his organization broke the law, they are being processed as a law suit rather than a criminal trial.  Trump has had a out 3,500 such encounters in court.  One reason 

Trump's roles in 3500 lawsuits
for the lawsuits is that plaintiffs hope to recover the money Trump has bilked from them so they can stay in business. Another reason is that criminal referrals are made to higher justice agencies who decline to prosecute.  In his 3500 lawsuits, he was plaintiff in 54 percent, defendant in 41 percent, and 5 percent for bankruptcy.  As defendant, the suits include not paying his bills and assaults against women.

Two FBI agents who were having an affair wrote emails to each other expressing their dislike for him and insisting that he be prevented from being president.  The IG report suggests that they may have shown political bias, but other agents say their alarm more likely grew out Trump's extensive record of unlawful conduct and his numerous swindles.

If the FBI shows any animosity toward Trump, it is because he has identified himself as the kind of person against which they are charged with protecting the country.  

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Porter Lansing said...

Trump is a career criminal. But, no one is begging for Hillary. She's a career criminal, too. The Presidential election of 2016 will loom as a "dark time" in USA history.

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