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Friday, June 29, 2018

How long before someone tries to reinstitute slavery?

When Americans travel to work in the mornings, they do so as autonomous persons whose government nominally designates them as being equal with everyone else.  But when they step through the work place door, they step back into the feudal ages where their status as humans is conferred on them at the whims of a ruling class, many of which constituents have no truck with ideas of freedom, equality, and democracy.  

Businesses are not democracies.  A few try to emulate and practice the concepts of liberty, equality, and justice that are the underpinnings of our democracy, but the very nature and structure of most corporations and the smaller businesses that model themselves after them manifest a rejection of democratic principles.  In his essay  "Democratic Vistas,"  Walt Whitman states the formative principle of America:"The United States are destined either to surmount the gorgeous history of feudalism, or else prove the most tremendous failure of time."   Mark Twain satirized and ridiculed feudalism in many of his books.  He realized that the plantation system with its slaves was a extension of feudalism into America.  Lords of manors, masters, and their serfs and vassals were the stiff of human malice and oppression.  Being part of the lavish fads and fashions of the ruling class, not the striving proletariat, was something that many people aspired to.  They still do.  Corporate CEOs earn millions in salaries and bonuses.  Their minions defer to them with obsequious obedience in hopes that they will be identified with glamor and wealth.  Those CEOs and those who copy them regard working people as expendables, do not think they should have a voice in their destinies, and decry labor unions which might give them such a voice.  Most corporate cultures detest democracy.  It is an anathema to the feudal estate in which wealth and despotism are the ruling principles.

Donald Trump is the quintessential CEO.  He has accrued a remarkable record of fraud, swindling, constant lying, sexual assault, consorting with organized crime, and racist depredations.  His behavior is not merely rumored; it is a matter of documentation and record.  But to his supporters, malice and dishonesty do not matter.  He is a CEO, the lord of the castle, and he has made promises to the serfdom.  The Trump supporters reject democracy.  They worship corporate royalty, no matter how debased and corrupt.  They cling to a feudal state and the whims of a self-serving master as the promise of their futures.  Of late, a few of the Trump idolators have even said that slavery was not so bad after all.  Master will provide for us, they think.

In America, the rise to power of a corrupt human predator like Trump has to be done with the consent of the people.  In this case it signals how a huge portion of the electorate has opted for feudalism over democracy.  Trump rule is feudal.

The United States is well on its way to becoming "the most tremendous failure of time."

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