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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump, the CEO mentality, and the end of democracy

Some Trump supporters like to tout Trump's alleged success as a CEO as one of his biggest qualifications for being president.  They are among those who think education and government should be run like businesses.  Organizations created to perfect the "Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" cannot operate on the prevailing principles of American businesses.   Because those goals for our democracy are impediments to any profit-driven organization.  Business management is inherently anti-democratic. 

The fact is that when American workers walk into a corporate business or any organization run on that model,  they step back in political time 500 years.  They step into a feudal estate where they lose the status of free and equal people and become serfs who have no inherent rights and whose welfare is dependent upon the whims and decisions of lords to whom they must pay obeisance.  The businesses in which the serfs are extended some rights are those  in which collective bargaining contracts provide them legal protections and the corporations who voluntarily extend such rights as a condition of employment. 

When corporations move their operations to other countries and leave American communities destitute with empty buildings and unemployed people,  they always justify it by saying it is a business decision.  As if a business decision is an inescapable act of god.  Well, it is:  the god of greed and power.  The business community speaks loudly about the blessings of liberty for them because they want the liberty to exploit consumers,  their employees, the environment, and whatever adds to their bottom line.  What you hardly ever hear from the corporate sector and its sycophants is the role of business as part of the communities where  they are situated or the as part of the human community in general, their obligations as corporate citizens.   They like to brag about what  they contribute  to communities by providing employment, but that belies that to the corporate mind communities are prey to exploit for profit purposes.  Their philanthropic displays are contrived for public relation purposes but with tax write offs and the financial benefits as the major purpose of their donations.  

The first priority of a corporation is to provide profits to reward the stockholders.  That is the primary, overruling consideration of capital business management.  All other considerations, such as welfare of employees, health of the environment, and obligations to democratic life are inferior to the burgeoning of profits,  if even a factor in corporate thinking.  The huge salaries and bonuses of American CEOs in contrast to their employees, who have been losing wealth and buying power for the last 40 years, is the result of feudal thinking which gives the aristocracy over the serfs and overseers.  

With the election of Donald Trump,  America was turned into a feudal state.  A man who has a public record of engaging in all the predatory practices of American business at its worst has assumed rule over America.   A twitter from a rogue account inside the White House reports they is exactly how he sees himself.  

Pres. Trump is already making waves at the office. Wants to be "the President who will be remembered as a King." His words, not ours.

He thinks  that being an executive gives him that status.

  Jan 25
Pres. Trump doesn't quite understand the difference between being POTUS and being a business owner. Keeps asking "who says I can't?"

Trump is carrying out the transformation of the U.S. from a democracy into a corporation, a feudal state, is indicated by his filling his cabinet with CEOs and millionaires and others who have demonstrated adherence to corporate dictatorship designed to acquire wealth and power rather than democratic governance. Trump has the full complicity of a GOP in congress who has worked for the past 40 years to subvert democratic rule.

The first weeks of Trump's reign and the executive orders he has decreed are all assaults against freedom, equality, justice, the environment, and the people he considers as serfs, who can be exploited or disposed of art the whim of the "royalty" he is installing to control the nation.

A tweet from the insider reveals that motive in Trump's actions.
POTUS known to favor low quality pub schools, saving quality edu for the right, to remind commoners "where they rank in the world."

But the indication of the constant protests since Trump's assumption of power indicates that the majority is resisting. Perhaps, preparing for a more open revolt.

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