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Sunday, February 26, 2017

This ain't no tea baggin' party, mama

One of the racist posters featured
at tea party gatherings
Pundits and other media types keep comparing the resistance to Trump to the tea party movement.  They neglect to point out what a difference the motives and content of the arguments in the movements make.  The tea party was deeply rooted in racism.  Nearly every gathering of tea party people contained some overt expressions of racial hatred.  Although conservatives denied the racist motives, there was a constant presence of racist terms and attitudes at the gatherings.  The tea party ire was nearly always directed at the person of President Obama, and only incidentally at his policies.  The Affordable Care Act was the major pretext for the tea party, but it received little attention as to its purpose and its function.  Much more attention was paid to the person of the president who promoted it. 

The resistance to Trump is also a rejection of a personality, but not a rejection based on race.  There is a moral and intellectual imperative behind this rejection.  Donald Trump is, plain and simple, a vile human being.  He lies constantly.  It has become a journalistic custom to list the falsehoods and abusive insults he delivers each day.  His reputation as a "business leader" is in fact a record of fraud and failure.  He has single-handedly transformed the Grand Old Party into the Grabbers Of  Pussy.  He refuses to reveal his tax records and other evidence of his conflicts of interest.  He serves the one percent by loading his cabinet with the ultra-weathy and corporate managers for the purpose of dismantling those agencies which serve and protect the people.  His executive orders are directed at oppressing and inflicting harm on people more than implementing any Constitutional protections.  The generals he has appointed to his cabinet, however, seem, up to this point, to feel bound to their military oaths to serve and protect the Constitution. 

Everything Trump has done since he took office is an extension of his campaign.  And his campaign has been predicated on who he can oppress and hurt.  What characterizes him and his supporters is the intensity of their malice and misanthropy.  He and his kind expend all their energy in looking for some pretext for hatred.  The pretexts are based upon dishonesty.  The Trump world lives in a world fabricated out of malice.  

There is no valid comparison between the tea party and the Trump resistance in terms of what they oppose.  One was a movement inspired by a black man becoming president, a presidency that was beset by racist obstruction openly and blatantly led by the likes of Mitch McConnell.  The Trump resistance is against the corruption that Trump and his supporters see as the American Dream.   They dream only of  the desires to inflict malice and to exercise power.  They claim to be helping people by ceding all power to the one percent.  The Trump resistance is a matter of class warfare, a resistance to the suppression and eventual decimation of the 98 percent.  

The only people in the world who can't see that are the Trumpists Americans who so delight in oppression and corruption.  For then,  the Godfather is the scriptural authority they devoutly believe in and follow.  Even if that that Godfather is driven by a diseased mind.  The divide in America devolves into a basic struggle between good will and ill will.  

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