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Friday, February 18, 2011

What does he expect the maligned and exploited to do?

If Gov. Walker gets his wish and the bargaining rights are taken away from public employees, just how does he expect them to react?  Will they humbly submit to the voiceless servitude that is demanded of slaves and lackey?  Will they quietly toil away in the concentration camps until they are designated for some gas oven?  It is difficult to comprehend what such a dictatorial move is expected to accomplish.

Wisconsin does not have a history of people submitting to the contemptuous humiliation of  being denied a voice in their destiny.  During the Viet Nam War, I heard the truck bomb go off as an act of protest on a building at the University of Wisconsin campus.  I recall trying unsuccessfully to drive through the streets of Madison when the protestors were in a state of rage.  As I see the throngs of people in peaceful protest, I cannot help but conjecture what might bring out those who do not think peaceful protest is enough.  

The workers in Wisconsin have legitimate reason for rage.  The budget crisis that Gov. Walker says he is trying to meet is one of his own device.   Ezra Klein of the Washington Post and two Madison papers, The Capital Times and The Wisconsin State Journal, reported that one of the first things Walker did upon taking office was push through a $120 million tax cut for corporations and other benefits for the wealthiest tax-payers.  His total objective is to break the unions and render state employees powerless.  The state teachers' union says it has asked to meet with Walker 19 times since he took office, but he refuses to respond to the request.  The New York Times also addresses Walker's sham. 

Rather than returning to work, the tens of thousands of protesters could emulate the people in Cairo and just occupy the capitol until Walker resigns.  Or it could break out into the desperate violence of the dispossessed.  

We know what Walker and his backers want to do.  But just what are they expecting from the constituencies who will be stripped of hard-won rights in such a brazen display of contempt and humiliation?  Wisconsin has not long suffered fascist demagogues, such as Joe McCarthy, in the past.  Walker seems to be agitating and openly inviting a confrontation that cannot remain peaceful, unless the people of Wisconsin can summon the patience of their compatriots in Cairo. 

In the echos of that truck bomb, I can hear the disintegration of America.  That is the neo-fascist agenda. There are wiser, more decently-inclined heads than Gov. Walker's in Wisconsin.  Will they prevail? 

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caheidelberger said...

The rich contribute to society as the fonts of innovation and prosperity; the working class, teachers, and other common folk just leech off the largesse of the elite few who matter. This sounds familiar....

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