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Monday, August 23, 2010

Politics as you don't want to know it

My printer cartridges went dry in the middle of a job I was trying to get in the mail  on time.  I rushed out the door to go to Target, where I buy cartridges.   My spouse's car was pulled in behind mine on the driveway, so I took it rather than jockey cars around.  No big deal.

I rushed from the parking lot and headed for the door  to Target.  Just as I reached the door, this  vapid-faced woman, of the kind pictured in news photos with tea bags dangling from their hat brims, put her leg out in front of me to block my entrance.  When I stopped, she said, "You are an Obama supporter?"

I said, "Yes, I have been"

She said, "Do you know he lies?"

"About what?" I said.

"Have you  asked the lord?" she said.

Here is where I  had trouble.  I can read and write and speak in Old English, which has some of vilest, most colorful expressions of any language.  I have been an Army drill instructor and can f-carpet-bomb with the  best of them.  Some of my arse chewings are legendary.  And I can say cutting things, on occasion, without resorting to profanity.  Even though this old creep probably deserved a dressing down that  would put some color into her dull face,  I had a more pressing mission. 

I said, "No, not lately," as I stepped around her.

She said, "That's your problem."

As I left the store with the printer cartridges,  I wondered how she divined that I was an Obama supporter.   I am not of that ethnic color which might cause one to conclude that I am one of those people Glen Beck says is part of an anti-white racial conspiracy.  But as I looked for my car and remembered that I was driving my wife's, I saw the "Women for Obama" and "Herseth Sandlin" stickers in its back window.   I purposely do not put any kind of stickers on my car, because some people prowl parking lots looking for confrontations and I tend to respond with impromptu dissertations on how ugly, stupid, and offensive they are with highly embellished language,  and I am too old to fight or run very fast.  My body is aged but my mouth is a contender. 

Anyway, this old bat seems to represent what politics has become for a large portion of the people.  I have even thought of moving to Alask---oh, shit, is there no place to go to get away from them? 

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