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Monday, August 23, 2010

Elections decided on gams

Which set will you vote for?

That's Noem on the left and Herseth Sandlin on the right.  If you're really undecided this ought to help.  If you're into reading leg language.  I think.

This photo gives me some pangs.  It was shot by a Melini Mara on assignment with the Washington Post, and is part of the photo gallery from the Mama Grizzly-Palinesque story that is giving bloggers tizzies and twiddles.  An associate who knows I once edited news photos asked me what it was supposed to accomplish.. I said if a photographer turned this into me or any editors I know, we would have reprimanded him for wasting time and film on trying to get an ass shot, which we would not print.  I don't know if we would have printed a gam shot.     Beyond the leg language angle,  I don't know what the picture is demonstrating.

Another photo, however, was very telling.

Yep, say a couple of state legislators who have cloak room lockers near Noem's.  She never issues a good morning, but is always peering down her nasal apparatus in that manner. 

Now this shot might help. 


larry kurtz said...

YOu are on it, Doc. The mole on those legs starboard? Too bad ip can't vote in South Dakota's elections....

Douglas said...

If I were voting on legs only, I'd vote for Herseth-Sandlin's.

But, good legs or even nearly good legs aren't good for much in politics even if newspapers seem intent on only covering them like horse races.

Kristi Nonsense and Stephanie on all sides of all issues aren't much of a choice, but Noem's reliance on defunct ideology instead of facts makes here about as politically relevant as is an elephant to the South Dakota economy.

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