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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who will oppose John Thune?

Larry Pressler made national news when he tried to exit from a dais and walked into a closet. He was known among the press corps as Press Release Pressler, because he issued pronouncements on almost everything but accomplished little.

Now comes Throwback Thune   He accrued an astounding record in the House of Representatives for fecklessness.  He is currently engaged in devising legislation to ward off threats that exist only in his mind  (such as bill to prohibit a flatulence tax on cattle), which actually devises only those things scripted for him by his puppet masters.  His 2004 election campaign stands among the top two or three in the nation for its slander and malicious dishonesty.

That makes him an idol of rock star proportions for his blogosphere supporters, who see in him the objects of their obsessive fantasies.   With talk that a tough opponent might be warming up in the political wings, the wingdings are hallucinating with great gas and gusto.

Here is how they see him:

 Sibby Online:   Jesus wants him for a sunbeam.

South Dakota Politics:  He's the ultimate alpha male.

South Dakota War College:   He's one of us. 

Emma, a commenter at Badlands Blue, has quite a different vision of what she wants in a U.S. Senator:

  • * Stands up against corporations that sanction rapists.
  • * Offers a plan to rid America's addiction to foreign oil.
  • * Has the guts to fight global warming.
  • * Shows me a plan to create thousands of clean energy jobs in South Dakota and is not a slave paid by Dirty Coal companies in Wyoming and Exxon and Big Oil.
  • * Can stand up for the middle ground position of a public option for health care.
  • * Will put Main Street South Dakota ahead of Wall Street and corrupt multinational oil corporations.

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