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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The poverty of Pine Ridge through the eyes of the New York Times

The New York Times features a stunning series of photographs from the Pine Ridge Reservation.  

Here is the account by NY Times blogger James Estrin.
Aaron Huey arrived on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota at the start of a self-assigned photographic road trip to document poverty in America.

The poverty he found on the reservation stopped him cold.

“Pine Ridge is the scariest place I’ve ever been — more so than in a Taliban ambush,” Mr. Huey said. “It was emotionally devastating. I‘d call my wife late at night crying.”
 Overwhelmed by the poverty — and at the same time by scenes of people trying to maintain the Lakota way of life — Mr. Huey abandoned the rest of his nationwide project to focus on Pine Ridge. Five years later, he’s still photographing on the reservation, which includes the Wounded Knee battlefield.

This is something that most South Dakotans will not and don't want to see.  See the gallery of photographs here.

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