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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Health-care in one sentence

Former Senators James Abourezk and George McGovern were in town Thursday night to promote the campaign of Scott Heidepriem for governor, outlining why they support him and are raising money.

The question of health-care and the absurdities raised as objections to reform came up. One of the problems is the length and complexity of the 1,300-page bill on the floor of the House. While the bill tries to be comprehensive in its provisions, the maze of cross-references allows the perfidy-and-malice squads, led by the likes of Rep. Joe Wilson, to contrive misrepresentations and false accusations for which they can create obfuscations . The bill is like a huge Rorschach blot onto which the GOP is projecting its psycho-pathologies.

George McGovern says he can reduce the bill to one sentence: Extend Medicare to all U.S. citizens. .

He answers the questions of paying for by noting that the insurance industry claims $450 a year of our health-care dollars. That same money could better spent by applying it directly to the medical care of Americans. And there is the $907 billion we have spent so far on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The opposition can find funds to support the killing and maiming but they can't afford to help 47 million Americans who can't afford health-care.

In one sentence, the issue could be solved and the debate ended. But that would deprive people of an issue on which to impose their malevolent fantasies.


Douglas said...

The regressives in Congress are un-indicted co-conspirators of the deceptive health insurance industry.

If the only pool of insured large enough to be "risk free" for an insurer is the whole population of US citizens, then single payer is the only system that makes any sense.

Government overhead would be a small percentage of the $450 million apparently being siphoned off actual health care by the parasitic health insurance companies.

Add to that the costs the multiple payers and plans and precertification red tape etc that hospitals and doctors must now handle and the costs of allowing a needless "industry" to continue are even more than the $450 million.

Thanks for providing the information. I do not understand what has gone wrong with South Dakotans who are suckered in by the regressives of the right and their corporate co-conspirators.

The health test humbug has become something like a mental test.

Jackilope said...

This makes perfect sense - and it's what Rep. Anthony Weiner has been saying all along.

Why is it, then, that the Blue Dog Dems (Rep. Ross, and our own SD Rep. Herseth-Sandlin) are not on board? I know Rep. Ross has some nice campaign contributions and seems to be rewarded handsomely for his stance by the businesses most interested in keeping things the way they are. Baucus presented something that is rumored that the insurance/pharmacy industry actually wrote.

Look at the incredible amount of money that is being poured in by the health care industry daily - all summer to present - to kill health insurance/health care reform. Premiums that hard working people have been paying are being used to buy off our Congress -- and it's folks like Baucus, like Conrad, like Ross ... that are accepting the $$$$. The media covers town hall meetings where the health insurance industry has riled up seniors and sponsored misinformation. Little coverage has happened when Remote Area Medical --- a volunteer medical group -- spent three days in LA tending to those without insurance or underinsured and having to turn many away.

It's criminal - and disheartening to hear double-speak from our bought off Congress who have their health insurance/health care for life that we pay for - denying American's real reform -- because of corporate and personal greed.

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