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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glenn Beck Proposes Cap on Nation's IQ

Speaking at a massive rally of his so-called 9/12 Project in Washington, D.C., Fox News host Glenn Beck called today for stricter limits on the nation's IQ.

"Barack Hussein Obama would like to see our country's IQ rise - just like our taxes!" Mr. Beck thundered to the raucous crowd, who stopped drooling long enough to give him an enthusiastic ovation.

The conservative host proposed capping the nation's IQ "somewhere in the low seventies" and putting tight restrictions on the number of multisyllabic words allowed in the country.

Overall, Mr. Beck seemed to revel in the turnout of his 9/12 rally, which he called "The Million Moron March."

Read all of Andy Borowitz's send-up here.

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caheidelberger said...

I can too easily imagine the framework of lies that allow the gentleman pictured to believe President Obama is a Muslim Marxist. I would be mildly interested to discuss with him why he thinks Islam and Marxism constitute grounds for impeachment. This assumes, of course, the gentleman is capable of rational discussion.

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