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Monday, February 23, 2009

Who let the N in the White House?

The Republican Party is putting on a stupendous show of intelligence and good will, and it is trickling down into the boondocks.

John McCain challenged Barack Obama about the cost of the Marine One helicopter ordered by George W. Bush. The President said he is perfectly satisfied with the one he's got, but he never had a helicopter before and "maybe I've been deprived and I didn't know it."

Neither McCain nor the press seemed to realize that McCain got jived. Only those of us snickering in the wood pile seemed to notice.

Earlier in the weekend, Sen. Bunning wailed about doomsday coming. He said Justice Ginsberg had no more than nine months to live, which means, oh, lordy, lordy, that the current president will probably nominate another liberal to replace her. This class act can really succeed on the Lincoln Day Dinner circuit.

Not to be outdone, Sen. Shelby brought up the question of Barack Obama's citizenship. He says he's never seen anything like a birth certificate proving the President is an American citizen. The charge against Obama's citizenship has been thoroughly debunked, but facts don't seem to register on the right lobes.

And then there was the exterminated ape cartoon. It was just a cartoon, however. Even with the long history of ape imagery in the literature of race. Like a white sheet is just a white sheet.

We wonder if there has ever been a cross burning on the White House lawn.

The incoherent whine of CNBC reporter Rick Santelli on the floor of tje Chicago Board of Trade has become a cult piece for the petit fascists. They have not protested the bailouts given their cohorts the banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, but helping homeowners who played by the rules and got stiffed through no fault of their own, but by the greed and incompetence of the financial "wizards" is an outrage. That Santelli has no notion of what is in the proposal is beside the point. Never let integrity get in the way of a good hate. This is the face of the Republican Party.

The governors are not to be outdone in the posturing. They support the term of porkulus, even thought the stimulus bill has at most one percent devoted to projects not directly connected to job creation and infrastructure repair. Some governors are making quite a show of spurning any stimulus money.

Gov. Rounds of the great Leeching State of South Dakota, which would not exist if its fine citizens were not parasiting federal funds, has said he will turn down $5 million in expanded unemployment benefit funds. He will take some such funds, but not those which might require the state to keep the program going when the funds run out. He says it might hurt businesses.
Just as Santelli raged, damn the people but don't hurt anything that resembles corporate fascism to the slightest degree. People can be buried. But businesses might fail. As if the American business community has not racked up the biggest string of financial, moral, and intellectual failures in history.

That's okay. Some rightwing blogs who espouse the redeeming message of petit fascism hope more funds are rejected. Especially when only people are involved.

The resident wingnut at Mount Bllogmore accuses the President of using voodoo economics to harm the country. He writes, "It never fails. Every time President Obama talks about the economy, the Dow Jones industrial average drops like a stone."

And maybe the movement can get real revenge on what is happening in the White House.

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