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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thune gets rebuked by Norah O'Donnell


MustBeKidding said...

I'm not sure how this interview was a "rebuke."

But when Nora O'Donnell starts rebuking guys like Bawney Fwank, that will be news.

David Newquist said...

A rebuke is a sharp criticism or reprimand. In this case Thune was reprimanded for misrepresenting a report from the CBO on the air.

Barney Frank may have viewpoints that people don't like, but he does not try to lie on a national cable network.

MustBeKidding said...
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Douglas said...

I did not see any "rebuke" in the video. Sure you got the right video?

David Newquist said...

Thanks for the alert, Douglas. The embed label was wrong. Try this one.

Douglas said...

Yup, that looks more like a rebuke.

ONe of the TV comedians had a little fun with Thunes explanation of the amount of money involved something like 600 miles high or 39 times around the world.

I'm wondering why Thune never calculated how far the 4000 lives wasted in Iraq would stretch if bodies were laid end to end. Probably about half way from Rapid To Elsworth AFB. He could have piled a $trillion on top of them for how many feet I don't know.

All these Republicans suddenly concerned about pork and wasteful government spending must have just awakened from eight years of hibernation or have been recently infected with near terminal (as in close to TV cameras) hypocrisy.

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