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Monday, October 6, 2008

Palin's attacks on Obama unleash media investigations of McCain

When the McCain-Palin campaign decided (see the previous NVB post) to go after Barack Obama's character with the contention that his crossing paths with William Ayers makes him somehow a suspect in acts of American terrorism, it set up Sarah (the Bull Pit) Palin to go out and stir the pit.

Over the weekend, the media began publishing stories of its probes into John McCain's personal history and what it reveals about his character. It did not take much to find military officers who served with McCain and who cast shadows on McCain's self-promotional images of himself.

A Washington Post story takes a detailed look at McCain's first marriage to Carol Shepp McCain. According to the account, the marriage survived his five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war and an automobile accident that left Carol severely injured, but not McCain's ambitions and predilections for screwing around.

A Los Angeles Times story details McCain's career as a naval aviator. The military sources quoted state that anyone else would have been grounded, but being the admiral's son kept him flying. He crashed two airplanes he was flying.

The Rolling Stone takes an intensive look at both McCain's military career and his behavior as a prisoner of war. He earned the disdain of some of his fellow POWs.

Advisory for air travelers: the crap-flak is filling the air and flying might be dangerous.

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