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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Nazis are in bloom again

This found its way into my e-mail box yesterday. The financial market bail-out seems to have triggered this anti-Semitic nonsense. It sounds like the comments we read on some blogs. But these people have resources and can vote. Here is the e-mail in its entirety:

General Bobby Farrell

Post Office Box 3456

Albuquerque, NM 87190 USA


Tel: 505-796-4651




Point, the First: THERE IS AN ABSOLUTE CURE FOR ALL THIS KAK JEW SOCIALIST ABOMINATION: VOTE EVERY SOCIALIST INCUMBENT OUT OF OFFICE! Once you see their long-term scam agenda (below), throwing out the SOCIALIST BASTARDS won't take much effort.

"The Federal Reserve bails out AIG under the disguise of 'government'." The FACT is: The Federal Reserve IS NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY! Period.

All the grand-sounding lies and details are rampant with any newscast, local and national, so they do not require repeating here.

The simple fact is that KAK JEW-Controlled government 'agencies' have concocted a financial bailout SCAM to financially protect corporate KAK JEWS to the tune of $700/$800 BILLION DOLLARS charged to and taxed back upon the common U.S. Citizen whether currently employed or not. Wall Street charged/billed to Main Street, Suburban Street, County Road and Rural Route without any permission or thought of consideration for the GENERATIONS who will make these payments to the high-living GENERATIONS of the current crop of KAK JEWS!

Quoting U.S. House Representative Ron Paul (R) U.S. District 14, Texas: "Abolishing the Federal Reserve will allow Congress to reassert its constitutional authority over monetary policy. The United States Constitution grants to Congress the authority to coin money and regulate the value of the currency. The Constitution does not give Congress the authority to delegate control over monetary policy to a central bank. Furthermore, the Constitution certainly does not empower the federal government to erode the American standard of living via an inflationary monetary policy."

You'll note Representative Ron Paul called the scenario but DOES NOT MENTION any "WHO" is actually responsible!

"WHO" created/initiated the idea of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Bill Clinton still isn't that smart; look at the communiqu├ęs and see how many hooked noses you find;

"WHO" actually formulated and scripted the texts of the applicable statutes; Bill Clinton was too busy with Monica Lewinski and other females in addition to the duties of government;

"WHO" took the 'proposals' through the BOUGHT AND PAID FOR lobbyists for further presentation to the appropriate Congressional Committees; read the list of FROM "WHO" and TO "WHO" and count the next layer of hooked noses all on the same Marxist agenda;

"WHO" publicized, advocated and ENFORCED the relevant bills onto the House and Senate floors: more KAK JEWS;

"WHO" then on to final votes: check the "WHO" at each point in the game and see how many KAK JEWS were involved and those same KAK JEW-Connections.

Representative Ron Paul CANNOT tell you, if he wants to live; Wolf Blitzer, Tom Brokaw, Charles Gibson and Katie Couric WON'T tell you if they want to KEEP their KAK JEW-Controlled jobs!

Nevertheless, KAK JEW SOCIALISTS and their puppets in government ignore both the Constitution, the 'government' and We, The People, and arbitrarily issue about HALF A TRILLION U.S. DOLLARS - almost twice the U.S. cost of World War II when everything had to be rationed to afford it - to bail out the KAK JEW-DOMINATED 'financial' organizations: Bear Stearns, now American International Group (AIG), don't count Lehman Brothers out of the game yet; and the ultimate utopian KAK JEW grab-the-money-with-no-liability: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, instituted under the Marxist Reign of Bill Clinton and effected into 'law' by the Republican SOCIALIST-CONTROLLED Congress. And it isn't over yet!

KAK JEWS? Yep. Don't think so? The take the time to CHECK the "who" is, was, and will be, on top of this whole lying, thieving scenario of each and every 'institution' and 'government' AGENCY involved and tell the world if that is a grand collection of KAK JEWS or the City Council of Beijing!

Since its illegal and UNConsitutional creation in 1913 The Fed has NEVER been under the guidance of anybody but KAK JEWS and KAK JEW PUPPETS which amount to the same thing. Even a cursory view of the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve since it became an abomination on the U.S. Citizens is a real clue for anyone with the brains to understand WHAT they are looking at:

Charles Sumner Hamlin: 1914-1916;

William Proctor Gould Harding: 1916-1922;

Daniel Richard Crissinger: 1923-1927;

Roy Archibald Young: 1927-1930 - Master of the 1929 Stock Market Crash!

Eugene Isaac Meyer: 1930 to 1933;

Eugene Robert Black: 1933-1934;

Marriner Stoddard Eccles: 1934-1948;

Thomas Bayard McCabe: 1948-1951;

William McChesney Martin, Jr.: 1951-1970;

Arthur Frank Burns: 1970 to 1978;

George William Miller: 1978-1979;

Paul Adolph Volcker: 1979-1987;

Alan Greenspan: 1987-2006;

Ben Shalom Bernanke: 2006 to Date.

KAK JEW or KAK JEW PUPPET, take your choice. All were/are One World Government SOCIALISTS stinking of Rockefeller-Rothchild.

FYI: Now you know why The Fed doesn't account to congress: IT DICTATES TO CONGRESS! The Fed came up with this last bailout without even so much as a howdy-do to Congress or anybody else. Nothing new there, if anybody in Congress doesn't play along, they get BOYCOTTED by all the other KAK JEWS with an interest in the circle explained immediately below.

We call it the KAK JEW to KAK JEW to KAK JEW circle of circumstance, probably better called "CIRCLE OF POWER" … as that is exactly what it is: above the law collusions and conspiracy totally immune POWER!

KAK JEWS stealing everything in sight - with only KAK JEWS for anyone to complain to - KAK JEWS in all the enforcement and regulatory 'agencies' - covered by more KAK JEWS in all the relevant courts - knowing other KAK JEWS are going to glorify them in every medium and way available.

Look at it. Massive BAILOUTS for the Corporations and still NOTHING for the victims! Current estimates claim FIVE MILLION victims who are in or nearing foreclosure as result of the Clinton's MARXIST Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; the bottom source of all the NON-PAYMENTS that in turn created the mortgage crash. The Clintons KNEW exactly what they were doing to the U.S. economy with NAFTA and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac KAK JEW MARXIST charades. And, once enacted, the KAK JEWS knew it was only at matter of time when they horsed MILLIONS of victims into a McMansion on a variable rate mortgage, knowing damned well they couldn't afford it once that 'rate' changed - which KAK JEWS were in charge of changing! KAK JEW to KAK JEW to KAK JEW is bailing out fellow KAK JEWS but not one solitary cent for anybody who is about to lose their home and the entire investment they have in it right along with their credit 'rating.' Understand that. The KAK JEWS will have the victim's money AND the foreclosed properties AND the bailout money too! They'll be back into their KAK JEW SCAMS as soon as they sober up from the celebrations, only with one hell of a lot more MONEY TO BUY MORE POWER TO GET AWAY WITH IT. Rest assured, all the KAK JEWS will be very happy …

And WHERE did all the reputed 'private sector' money come from? What 'money' there actually was come from KAK JEWS at institutions like AIG, money market funds, "YOUR" money being 'managed' via 'investments' in other KAK JEW financial scams that will now be LOST to YOU and reimbursed to the KAK JEWS, et cetera: All KAK JEW-controlled. The rest of the 'money' came from 'government' KAK JEWS running the credit computers at The Fed, creating the appearance of financial stability whether the money ever got printed or not.

Somebody CREATED this mess, and if "YOU" didn't, and "I" didn't, then whoever was IN CHARGE has to be guilty. But they couldn't have done it alone, there's just too many laws, regulations, directives, executive orders, Gestapo 'enforcements' to prepare, court precedents and 'interpretations' to get enacted - requiring massive collusions and conspiracies. Well now, and WHO is in positions necessary to accomplish all that?


And WHO is behind all the necessary publicity?



Write your local newspapers, radio and television stations and tell them in no uncertain terms - vulgarity and racism if you see it (they still have to read the contents) - that "YOU" are fed up with their SOCIALIST agenda and glorification of MORAL DEGENERACY! Then write (a postcard is best because everyone who sees it will have read at least some of it) every ADVERTISER and tell them "YOU" will not tolerate their SUPPORT of the media's SOCIALIST agenda and glorification of MORAL DEGENERACY!

Those communications will get attention! Give it about a week, ten days at the most, and you'll see ADVERTISEMENTS about 'fairness' and 'honesty' and 'trust' from all that media. They'll be LYING though their damned teeth and their only intent is to SEE IF YOU HAVE ANY … TEETH! And THAT is your invitation to LET THE SOCIALIST BASTARDS HAVE IT AGAIN! CANCEL any subscriptions, and send your notice of cancellation to the HIGHEST ranking name you can find in their materials. Send a copy of your CANCELLATION to each and every advertiser! Advertiser? Yep. Advertising is sold/priced/valued on the NUMBER of people it reaches (called "impressions" for each and every documentable exposure even to the same person) and the advertiser instantly KNOWS that (1) "YOU" aren't kidding, and (2) DOESN'T KNOW how many more there are like you that won't/can't take the time to tell anybody!

Those are NUMBERS neither the media nor the advertiser can ignore! And both damned well KNOW that one for a fact from first-hand experience.

Then make sure your local County and State Chairs of all the political parties (easily accessible from the telephone directory) have the same message:




STOP FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BLACKMAIL (Federal 'standards' or loss of revenue until 'compliance')!


Enough letters to the Editors, newspapers, radio and television, will get "YOUR" points across, and especially if you REFUSE to sit down, REFUSE to shut up, and REFUSE to stop talking to anybody and everybody else who is as angry as you are.

GET POLITICALLY ACTIVE! Being stupid enough to NOT VOTE - regardless of your lame-brained excuse - is the exact game the KAK JEW SOCIALISTS want you to play. Unless you vote, and you can't vote if you don't register, and you must register in time: they don't have to humor you or give a damn whether you like what is happening to you or not - in spite of all their grinning 'pretense' of concern.


ALL OF THEM, REGARDLESS OF OFFICE. If unopposed on the ballot - do not vote that option! Regardless of what you are told, you do not - REPEAT - you do not have to vote anything just because it's on the ballot! Pay no attention to threats that 'your vote won't count' - THAT IS A KNOWING LIE - and that is WHY you must also insist on a PAPER BALLOT rather than an all-electronic. With all-electronic the programming can get ANY result the SOCIALISTS want, and with a PAPER BALLOT the count and re-count and be challenged and re-counted until hell freezes over. You may have to GET RID OF SOME SOCIALISTS to secure new re-counts, but that too is possible to the determined.


Now, it's a question of "DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS" to demand the government The Constitution of The United States established, outlines and guarantees? If so, "YOU" are going to have to stand up and be counted against more solidly entrenched KAK JEW SOCIALISTS than you believe even exists.

If not, be prepared for the all-but-already-here LEGISLATED ENSLAVEMENT - the already-here never-ending dept crisis - economic depressions at the whim of KAK JEW SOCIALISTS - totally and irrevocable loss of any and all Constitutional Rights and Guarantees, most of which are already legislated and court-precedented into oblivion in disguise of 'crime preventions' by KAK JEW SOCIALISTS!

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