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Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh, General, Dismay Us

The regressive band on the political spectrum has taken up the manufacture of outrage as its principle business. Of late they are in perpetual states of gasping shock and indignation, like the good ladies of the altar society who heard an altar boy mutter the f-word as he tripped over the hem of his cossack.

One of the sources of the latest display of outrage is the ad that taunts with the headline "General Petraeus or General Betray Us." It has bunched up more boxers and knotted more panties than all the middle school wedgies in the history of the world. Where actually messed up was in not remembering that a goodly portion of the people out there would not and could not read past the headline. The organization has not given enough consideration to the fact that the Bush regime's greatest success has been in transforming its idiotic core of supporters into an idiot corps, better labeled the Bush Corps.

The B-Corps has put itself under voluntary thralldom to the industiral-military complex, even though the industrial part has largely deserted the homeland for the Pacific Rim, predominantly China. To the B-Corps, military commanders are deified and the war on Iraq is a santified crusade.
But the deity requires sacrifice. So far, the B-Corps worshipfully has offered up 3,800 lives and 30,000 limbs. God is great.'s big mistake was in not anticipating with what the true believers could contrive from their wrath at having a deity criticized as if he is mortal whose judgment can be questioned. The commandment that you should never take the name of thy god in vain has been broken.

It is not as if we have not been here before. During the election campaign of 2006, the B-Corps labeled anyone who questioned the intelligence and integrity of the reasons for waging war on Iraq a traitor. Critics were called America haters, comforters of the enemy, libeals, tree huggers, book readers, and all manner of perverse and subsersive things. They were routinely told that if they didn't like the war, they could leave the country. You know, one nation, under god. Unless you are not part of the B-Corps.
Now the B-Corps is working up its outrage--about the only American product that has not been outsourced--and insisting that the Petraeus ad was an unholy desecration of the entire military. In fact, the military is mentioned only once in the ad when it cites Gen. Petraeus' statement that they might have to occupy Iraw for at least another ten years.

The real gist of the ad was that Gen. Petraeus is simply a liturgist for the B-Corps, "cooking the books for the White House." It makes the point that his conclusions are based upon widely contrived statistics and are refuted by every other independent assessment of how things are going in Iraq. Buy the B-Corps can only respond in outrage that a General of honorable service can be held accountable for the things he says and why he says them.

The B-Corps is a great wrecker of good generals. It got rid of Gen. Anthony Zinni when B did not like his assessment of what we were doing in Iraq. Good soldiers do what they are told without question. So it took an excellent Gen. Colin Powell and made him Secretary of State, but told him to be a good soldier and do only what he was told. He was told phony evidence to present to the U.N. for waging war on Iraq. And the B-Corps gets outraged over what says about Gen. Petraeus, while it uses a very good soldier for dishonest purposes. And they wonder why some of us doubt Gen. Petraeus.

The B-Corps says that if presidential candidates do not denounce, they are insulting every American soldier and harming America. Do not doubt for a moment that their accusations of being unpatriotic and against the military are not effective. The U.S. Senate bowed down and peed its collective pants. At least 72 of the Senators did.
We hear the outrage. We hear very little outrage at the 3,800 soldiers dead, the 30,000 wounded, and the billions of dollars spent on Iraw while the B-Corps calls proposed extensions of medical insurance for children irresponsible.

Outrage is a cottage industry for the B-Corps. It is time to outsource it.

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Douglas said...

A cottage industry full of political and journalistic whores.

Sen. Tim Johnson just added one more reason why he should not be in the Senate in addition to his war votes.

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