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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Islamist subversion of America

If you list the identifying values of America as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you will list the very qualities of life that the Islamists want to eradicate: life, liberty, freedom of and from religion, equality, justice for all, and the basic right to an individual identity. As we can recall from the Cold War, our country would never allow any organization to operate in America with the expressed purpose of destroying America. But mosques have been established in this country for exactly that purpose.

This fact was documented last night in the PBS special "Islam vs. Islamists." The first bombing of the World Trade Center was planned and organized in a New York mosque, and the program cited other mosques financed by foreign governments and established for the purpose of attacking America. The freedom of religion that they want to destroy is the very cover they use to build their strategies and launch their attacks against the basic principles of freedom and justice that define America.

The television special covers how moderate Muslims and those who practice the religion as an expression of peace and good will and honor are vilified by the Islamists. The cant and rant of the Islamists sounds more like the expressions of the criminally insane than it does the expression of a religion that worships and honors a benign deity.

Former CIA and State Department officials have pointed to America's policies as the inspiration for the attacks on our country by Mideastern factions, but those explanations do not place responsibility for the atrocities committed in the name of Allah where they truly belong,which is on those imams who conceive of religion as a violent dementia.

Following 9/11, we lost some of our Constitutional protections and rights in the name of national security. We could lose another one, the freedom to practice the religions of our choice. When ministers in our churches deliver overt political messages, we threaten to take away their tax-exempt status. If religious organizations want to join in the political game, we believe they should have to play by the rules of politics, not lurk under the cover of the First Amendment to plan and launch their attacks on our freedoms and rights. We prohibit our state from establishing or supporting an official religion, but we have allowed other states to finance and support "religious" organizations for the purpose of destroying America and committing atrocities on its people.

America is a threat to those who lust for totalitarian states that keep their people in abject bondage. But the fact is that there are those who desire only the power to impose their beliefs and will on others.

We have no hesitation about our missions to fight the obscene atrocities of Nazi Germany or to take action against the racist forces that have oppressed people in our own country, but we get very reluctant to take action against those who plot our demise under the cover of religious freedom.

We need to be smarter and not let semantic smoke screens cover the fact of what our enemies actually do. By their acts, we shall know them. And we know who and what religious postures led to 9/11.

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Douglas said...

The apparent willingness of the Islamist extremists to kill moderate members of their "religion" because they support democracy and participate actively or passively was very telling. It is also altogether to much like the wingnut loons in the USA who believe that criticism of George Bush and his ill-begotten policies is giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies and is in fact traitorous.

Take a look at Mt. Blogmore and the comments by "Ray" and "anton" for examples of this form of mental illness.

That said, the PBS program should indicate to all of all religious persuasions the dangers of mixing religion and government. The Islamists want their own government in the middle of the nations they squat in compliments of our tolerance of religious superstition.

I am sure there would be firestorm of protest, but every mosque built in the US for indoctrination of children in the Islamist extremism should be destroyed sooner rather than later. The Whahabi? Shari? law they want for the USA is anathema to freedom and the rights of females in our society.

Thanks for bringing the program to the attention of your readers. Now I will have something to link to written by somebody with a better memory for program details than I have.

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