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Saturday, August 11, 2007

When the majority wimps down, you ain't got no freedom

As Joseph L. Galloway points out, the Democratic led Congress voted to extend the Bush administration's authorization to use warrantless wiretapping. No aspect of the current regime's venture into Orwellian, sneaking oppression has been a more obvious symptom of its totalitarian designs. What happened to the Democrats?

It appears that they still wet their pants when the ding-a-ling squad accuses them of being soft on terrorism, unpatriotic, and harboring herpes. They say they had to make concessions to get any kind of anti-terrorism bill passed at all. Oh, they're also afraid of being called obstructionist.

If the pseudo-Republican faction that wants to embrace fascist oppressions with such fervor has a mark of success, it is the number of sniveling cowards it has produced. Including Democratic lawmakers. It has used propaganda techniques to condition America into a group of sniveling, fawning dupes who will submit to anything for the promise of "security." The biggest threat to our security and personal freedom at this time is the Bush regime. They've already killed more 3,600 of our best and bravest just to prove they can do it.

When those Democratic representatives begin their summer appearances during the fair season, the main question to ask is "Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?"

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