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Monday, July 2, 2007

Scooter Libby? Shirley, you jest.

First of all, I don't believe there is anyone called Scooter Libby. I mean, like if I came across that name on the roster during the first day of a class, I would not call it. I would instead say, "Now who is the smart-assed Mother-F***er who put this name on the class roll? Could that have been you, Mr. Cheney?" Whatever, President Bush commuted the sentence of someone named Scooter Libby who got convicted of perjury on questions of who told the world that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent.

So, just what the hell did you expect? Reason, and truth, and integrity? Just where the hell have you been living for the last four years or so? Tehran? Wyoming? Pierre, South Dakota?

The regressives are making their "moral authority" felt throughout the land, and you'd better learn, as they like to say, to get over it and live with it. This is America in the 21st century.

As for me, I don't what purpose would be served in sending Figment Scooter Libby to jail. American prisons, which are run by the prisoners, are just graduate schools in criminality. Mr. Libby probably got all the instruction he needs in the subject from Mr. Cheney, who is the czar of connivery and shysterism. And shooting old men in the face with bird shot and saying that his position between the executive and legislative branches of tom-foolery protects him from revealing anything he has done in his Constitutional office. We the people, you know. Dick Cheney considers himself really big folks. You gotta have heart, and lots of stints.

People like Scooter (you've got to be kidding) Libby, do have abilities or they wouldn't end up sucking the Cheney ass. So, what good does it do to send them to prison, when they could be doing things like answering questions about why the f**k it was more important to conduct a vindictive campaign against Valerie Plame than to find out what the real shit is about yellow cake, or why the cake came out like a stream of yellow shit, or something.

Oh well, the yellow cake strategy got us into Iraq and we have managed to have more than 3,500 of our best and bravest and most loyal killed, and you can't scoff at an achievement like that. Hell, even Al Qaeda says that is quite an accomplishment, praise be to Allah.

I find it pleasing that Scooter (No Shit?) Libby is not going to jail. Prisons and the death penalty are not constructed around justice. They are constructed around the debased enjoyment that some people get from seeing other people held in a state of humiliation or killed. Prisons and the death penalty have nothing to do with justice and the restoration of moral principle. They have a lot to do with a people who feel like they are of any consequence only when they witness someone gasping for a last breathe or two at the end of a rope. It makes their day. And their life.

What good would it do anyone if Scooter (like in dogs rubbing their asses across the grass?) Libby did some bad time? Would it rectify the yellow cake lies and the defamations made against Valerie Plame and her husband, Joseph Wilson? You know better.

Good Ol' Boy George W. finally got something right in commuting the sentence of Scooter (Is that what you call him, Dubya?) Libby. He probably did not intend to. He was probably feeling the knots being tied in his scrotum by Dickie Cheney. But he saved a bunch of dolts from their elation at seeing Scooter being shuttled off to jail. And that is a cultural moment. And saving a bunch of dupes from utter debasement is an act of leadership. Even if it isn't.

I do not think that any purpose was served when Bill Janklow was sent to jail. He should have spent his time reviewing all the lives he ruined, besides the guy's on the Harley. But that is not in our concept of justice. Reparation is not a word the American people can pronounce, let alone understand.

At least we are going to be spared a Paris Hilton jail-leaving.

Maybe we'll see Scooter (moving right along there) serving people at the soup kitchen. But once you've served Dick Cheney, how can you relegate yourself to humanity?

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