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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh, lordy, lordy, the cleavage watch has begun

[Photo from ABC News: Cleavage: The Owner's Manual]

The Washington Post has plunged to new depths with an article about Hillary bringing a small portion of her cleavage to the Senate floor. Personally, I found it a great relief from the old men with comb-overs and power ties.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, women's fashions in the last year or so have gravitated around cleavage displays of various magnitudes--so I've been told. It is all very Biblical. It resonates with the passage that what God has wrought, let no man uncleave, or something to that effect.

Now that the die has been cast, or the first volley fired, or whatever the opening gambit for a cleavage shot is, you must consider something if Hillary becomes president: there is going to be an awful lot of cleavage bandied about, even if it isn't there.

I mean, folks are still speculating about the unique quirks that make Bill's whankledoodle stand out in a crowd. Or in the memory of those who claim to have seen it.

Oh, politics.


Anonymous said...
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David Newquist said...

In response to an e-mail: yes, the cleavage in the photo is gorgeous, but the hands look like they have been scrubbing floors or cutting bait. It does raise the question as to whether the hands below to the owner of the cleavage.

Douglas said...

The photo does seem to show more promise than most posted on SD blogs.

I do hope you don't use the cleavage excuse for a photo on plumbers.

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