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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

While the world burns, the regressives fiddle and diddle

If you read the regressive commentators and bloggers, you'd get the impression that a huge majority of people do not think that George W. Bush is the most incompetent, bumbling nincompoop that ever occupied the White House. The latest plaint is that Nancy Pelosi has committed some grievous offense by going to Syria--despite the fact that some Republican congressmen preceded her by a few days.

Bush's complaint is that of an incompetent who is being displaced in his primary duties by someone who has the brains and know-how to carry those duties out.

When it comes to foreign policy, the people have no illusions that George Bush's policies and actions have done anything other than damage the nation. Nancy Pelosi and other people in Congress are our last best hope for re-establishing the integrity of the nation.

A poll by Public Agenda shows that the U.S. citizens view our foreign relationships this way:

  • 84 percent are worried about the way things are going for the United States in world affairs (32 percent worry "a lot")
  • 82 percent say the world is becoming more dangerous for the United States and its people (48 percent say "much more dangerous")
  • 73 percent say the United States is not doing a good job as a leader in creating a more peaceful and prosperous world (34 percent say a "poor" job)
  • 68 percent believe the rest of the world sees the United States negatively (34 percent say "very negatively")
  • 67 percent say U.S. relations with the rest of the world are on the wrong track Iraq

The whole report can be read at Public Agenda.

The regressives have been so completely brainwashed by Bush's Orwellian conditioning program that they have forgotten the decent things America once stood for.

And so they comment and blog on and on and on.

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