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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who reads what in the News Wars

Here is how many people consult news sources throughout the day and what they consult from Part III of the PBS Frontline series "News Wars."

Read it all at the PBS website.

On a typical day...

  • 57% of Americans watch TV news
  • 54% watch their local news
  • 34% watch cable news channels
  • 28% watch the nightly network news
  • 23% watch the morning news programs (The Today Show, Good Morning America, etc.)
  • 40% of Americans read a newspaper
  • 36% of Americans listen to news on the radio
  • 23 % of Americans get news online
  • 18% visit news aggregators (Google News, Yahoo! News, AOL News, etc.)
  • 14% visit national TV networks' sites (,,, etc.)
  • 14% visit newspaper Web sites
  • 4% visit news blogs
  • 3% visit online news magazines (,, etc.)

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