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Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Republican ministry of disinformation rises again

A hallmark of the Bush administration has been its skill in distorting the truth and lying outright to push its political ends and malign its opponents. The weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein's cozy ties with al Qaida come quickly to mind. Scooter Libby's testimony about the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity is getting the scrutiny it deserves.

Now the lying machine is taking after Nancy Pelosi, and the request that she be able to use an airplane that can fly to her home state, California, without stopping to refuel. In covering the story, CNN provides a clip of a Republican congressman charging that Pelosi wants a big, luxurious airplane with entertainment features that can provide sumptious diversions for all the guests she plans to haul with her. The CNN story concludes with the information that the Pentagon says it will use the same plane used by her predecessor, Dennis Hastert, in going back and forth to Illinois.

MSNBC has quite a different take on the story. Their take is back by the White House press secretary. MSNBC reports that the House Sergeant at Arms, who is in charge of the security of House members, requested the larger plane because of security concerns with refueling stops. Members of that office have made clear that no requests have been made for luxurious craft, as the Republicans have tried to insist.

The matter will be settled between the Air Force and the Sergeant at Arms to satisfy the security concerns.

And we in the U.S. sometimes make fun of the ranting lies coming from Iran and North Korea.

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