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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The wit and genius of John Thune

John Thune says that Pres. Obama doesn't care about the people of Sioux Falls because their dike-building project was not included in the stimulus budgeting. South Dakota Watch gives some response to the inanity of Thune's comments, which were reported by KELOland news:

Senator John Thune criticized President Obama for not including the Big Sioux Flood Control Project in the stimulus package. Thune says the lack of funding for the project shows that President Obama does not think the residents of Sioux Falls are a priority.

To see what a priority John Thune gave the residents of Sioux Falls while the stimulus bill was being shaped, play the video clip below.


Douglas said...

I guess I don't quite understand how you could stack more than two bills high if they were to be stacked "back to back".

Local rag thought it appropriate to print one of Thune's election-bed conversions on debt today. Same day as ARGUS is lamenting the loss of $11 million.

Thune is either incredibly cynical about the intelligence of South Dakotans or not capable of seeing the gross inconsistencies in his positions. Neither is a particularly flattering characterization.

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