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Thursday, April 16, 2009

O, where is the yellow snow of yesteryear?

If you want to understand the real occasion for the tax-day tea parties, just substitute the N-word for "tea" and you have a good indicator of what the parties are really about. A history professor who attended the party in Sacramento sums it up:

The hatred was palpable today on the State Capitol's steps. Hatred for taxes, hatred for government, hatred for state workers, hatred for teachers, hatred for Democrats, and hatred for all of the straw men that leap from the imaginations of talk radio jocks. But the most hated figure of all at today's "Tea Bag" anti-tax rally in Sacramento was President Barack Obama. One of the first placards I saw as I entered the Capitol grounds read: "Wake Up! Fresh Prince of Belair is Destroying Us -- Stop Drinking the Red Koolaid
The occasion was a hate fest which celebrated those aspects of American life so revered by the wing-dings and that they fear Obama might do something about. Here is a summary of the misery that they so cherish:

  • 4,273 American troops killed in Iraq as of Apjril 15. The pleasure of the protesters is amplified by the fact that 30,000 troops have been wounded, and more than 90,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed. Wheee.

  • A trillion dollars has been spent on the war on Iraq. This is the kind of judicious use of tax money the protesters love.

  • The withdrawal of regulations from the banking industry brought our economy to its knees.

  • Six million people are unemployed.

  • 804,000 homeowners have received foreclosure notices this year.

  • 47 million non-elderly people in the U.S. are not covered by health insurance, meaning they can't afford health care.

This is the America that the tea baggers want back and like to party over. You know, peace on earth and good will to all fascists. Oh, where are the concentration camps and gas ovens of yesteryear?

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