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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The U..S. prosecuted water-boarders as war criminals

Charles Kaiser at the Columbia Journalism Review takes reporters at The New York Times to task for not knowing or fact-checking the history of how the U.S. has dealt with torture. He points out that the U.S. prosecuted Japanese who used water-boarding on POWs as war criminals, and that the Gestapo used water-boarding on members of the French Resistance.

At Talking Points Memo, a number of posts deal with the facts involved in deciding whether to further investigate and prosecute those who approved of torture to elicit information. Josh Marshall suggests that opposition to everything Obama is all the GOP has and has put itself in the role of the party of torture.

The South Dakota Wingding Collage has posted a video of Michelle Bachmann calling for Homeland Security Sec. Napolitano's resignation for the release of the DHS alert to law enforcement agencies about howasmegrown terrorists. The wingdings seem to have neither the mental wherewithal or the integrity to point out that the report was initiated by the Bush administration and prepared with the collaboration of the FBI.

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