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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Report on the decline of America

 The Social Progress Index indicates that America is one of the few countries in the world that is rapidly sinking to a lower state. The Index measures 50 factors of national development, such as nutrition, safety, freedom, the environment, health, education, and the like.  The U.S. has sunk to 28 in national rankings.

U.S. citizens have been so indoctrinated into believing America is the citadel of freedom and progress  and the greatest country in the world that they cannot perceive what is actually going on in America.  Any criticism about the nation is considered unAmerican.  They are totally ignorant of the critical edge that elevated America into world prominence.  They are blinded by jingoism to what America has become.

To people who have studied the development of America, its decline is obvious.  One of the glaring symptoms is the election of Donald Trump as president and the fact that so many hang onto every inane word he says and act that he does.  The rest of the world sees and understands America's decline.  A huge segment of Americans doesn't.

I was recently witness to a discussion in which a man said that if Trump were re-elected president, America will have become a country in which he could no longer be a citizen.  A women said she could not see how he could say something like that.  And he said that is precisely the problem over which he would have to leave.  Trump is what voters chose, and many people realize those voters have degraded America.  They are what the nation has become.  Trump embodies the nation's moral and intellectual failure.

 The New York Times reports:

The decline of the United States over the last decade in this index — more than any country in the world — is a reminder that we Americans face structural problems that predate President Trump and that festered under leaders of both parties. Trump is a symptom of this larger malaise, and also a cause of its acceleration

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