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Monday, July 27, 2020

Please, don't tell me we'll get through it.

Even politicians who have earned some credibility by stating facts about the pandemic become absurd when they to find something hopeful to say to their constituents.  They look earnestly into TV cameras and try to reassure us that "we'll get through this pandemic."  To which I reply, "You mean like my 150,000 dead fellow citizens got through it?"  And I could add, like the 4 million survivors who may have after-effects for the rest of their lives?

Saying  we'll get through it, while meant to be encouraging, only reminds us that we aren't getting through it.  And the daily reports indicate that the death and illness tally is mounting and the U.S. is lagging far behind other countries in dealing with the coronavirus.  Trump thinks as the national CEO, his false claims will be believed by a majority of dupes, but the facts refute all his claims.  When someone says we'll get through this, they seem to ally themselves with Trump and assume they think we are the kind of gullible, mindless fools that Trump thinks we are.

A very large part of the American population has not gotten through the pandemic.  Those who were afflicted but survived or have friends and relatives who were afflicted find the cheery proclamations  inane and cruel.  It is a perverse denial of the facts to insist that we'll get through it.  The facts are that many were destroyed by Covid-19 and the disease continues to surge in the number of cases throughout the nation.  Refusing to acknowledge the devastation of the disease rather than confront it morally and intellectually has contributed to its spread.  America has become the object of ridicule for its incompetent response to the pandemic.

Being told we will get through only insures the disaster for which we are headed.

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