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Friday, September 6, 2019

Don't take your guns to Walmart, son.

Walmart has announced a policy that it will no longer permit people to carry guns in its stores.  People who have a concealed carry permit will be allowed in, however.  The store has also announced that it is limiting the kind of weapons and ammunition it will sell.  Other companies, such as Kroger, are following suit.

My question is how the stores will enforce the policy.  Are the greeters going to announce to each customer entering the store that they can't carry guns in there?  If someone is compelled  to come into a store wearing a gun on his hip or a long gun over his shoulder, is a greeter supposed to spread-eagle him over a shopping cart and disarm the retarded sombitch?  Or upon some prearranged signal will there be an announcement over the public address system that an idiot with a gun is loose in the store and everyone should take cover?  

The announcement of the policy has caused some members of the press to go into a fawning fit over the Walmart CEO's perspicacity and bravery in the face of the mass shootings which have become a favorite American pastime.  Actually the decision  probably had more of a bottom-line motive than a decision to confront the slavish members of the Second Amendment Cult.  The El Paso shooter set up his hunting stand at a Walmart store, as shopping malls, next to schools, are  favorite killing fields in the sport of atrocity.  The retail business is having a rough time with major chains closing stores all over the nation, and the Walmart executives want to counteract the image of their stores as a shooting gallery where customers are targets.  That image is one more reason why it is better to shop online than to be so foolish as to venture into a killing field.  If anyone is going to be blasted away while shopping, let the UPS or Fed Ex deliverymen do the physical travel involved with shopping.

Recent polls show that about two-thirds of the people want safety from guns.  But the nation's laws have worked in the opposite direction by allowing their presence almost everywhere.  The shootings have made people justifiably wary about other people carrying firearms into otherwise benign, peaceful environments.  Gun nuts make fun of people getting nervous about the presence of firearms, but the nuts can't grasp that when someone is of the mind to brandish a weapon in places people go to conduct the business of life, people have good cause to wonder what their intentions are with their weapon.  The gun cultists say they carry for self-protection.  The people going about the business of life think they should go protect themselves somewhere else.

When people make the case that they are carrying guns to protect themselves from other people with guns, the alternative to making every place a killing field is to do something about guns.  The Second Amendment, however, trumps the right to life and the purpose to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty."  At least, that is how the gun cult chooses to interpret the Constitution.

Walmart may prohibit guns to make it a more inviting place to do business, but in doing so, it also embraces a more fundamental Constitutional principle.  You want to shoot people?  You want to protect yourself?  Go someplace other than Walmart to demonstrate your self protection.  They've eliminated the need for it.

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larry kurtz said...

Prohibition doesn't work.

As much as I believe Israel should be a county in Utah or Nevada the Israeli model of compelling military service and universal gun tolerance should be the future for the United States, too. Restore the draft and reduce military adventurism.

Raise the age of non-military possession, operation and ownership of all firearms to 21, levy 100% excise taxes on sales of the weapons on Senator Diane Feinstein's list then tag the revenue to fund Medicaid for all.

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