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Friday, October 5, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh unmasked himself

Over 2,600 law professors from across the political spectrum and a retired Supreme Court justice have said that Brett Kavanaugh does not have the judicial temperament to be on the Supreme Court.  Their disrecommendation was the result of his performance at the Senate hearing over the accusation that he sexually assaulted Dr. Blasing Ford at a high school party.  In a Wall Street Journal piece, he tried to mitigate his performance by saying he said things he should not have.

If covering up his partisan intentions and his biased intemperance is his goal, he should not have mentioned his belief that the accusations of Dr. Blasing Ford were a conspiracy by the Democratic Party to retaliate for Trump's election and to avenge the Clintons.  But for the people, it was okay to say those things because they revealed his motives and his thinking.  He provided the most telling evidence of what kind of person he is and what kind of judge he could be expected to be on the Supreme Court.

But the Blasing Ford hearing obscures more essential demerits against Kavanaugh.  During that hearing, he also fudged on facts in ways that were alarming at a hearing on judicial qualifications.  

The first demerit against Kavanaugh is who nominated him.  Donald Trump is a malicious degenerate who only endorses people who can help him with his nefarious schemes.  He expects loyalty to him, and when Kavanaugh adopted some Trump memes, he demonstrated a loyalty to Trump, not truth.

The GOP-led Senate Judicial committee further helped cover Kavanaugh's modus operandi the  he refused to make available records of Kavanaugh's work as a political character assassin for the W. Bush White House.  The Republican committee members have whined and wailed about the Blasing Ford accusations being character assassination while covering up Kavanaugh's own work in that capacity.  The GOP has further contributed to the cover up by restricting the FBI investigation into the Blasing Ford accusation to farcical dimensions.

If Kavanaugh is seated on the Supreme Court, the case against him will continue.  The press has dozens of people to interview about their witness and knowledge of Kavanaugh.  Many accounts of his behavior have already been published. The Washington Post has found his recorded behavior to disqualify him.

In reporting on the White House, the press is largely taken up with recounting Trump's lies and demented attacks on his opponent.  That is necessary for the historic record of what may be America's failure as a nation as it descends into civil war.  Kavanaugh will be part of that story.

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