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Monday, August 21, 2017

"Please let them disappear in their stench."

Ii isn't nice to make fun of the intellectually disadvantaged.  But sometimes they make us laugh,  just as children can make us laugh when they try out adult-like thought and expression .  The laughter is often at ourselves, because when children imitate adult behavior they often offer illuminating parodies of it.  However, the clumsy and inept use of language can be side-splittingly funny.  College professors often share ridiculous student papers with each other for the much-needed laughter they provide.

The following letter-to-the-editor supplied one of those occasions of hilarity.  I no longer can run down the office hallway to share a moment of humor with colleagues, so  I share it here. The last sentence of the first paragraph could win a Pulitzer if there was a category for T-shirt mottoes.  Here is the letter:
Just a short, easy-to-read letter from and to Americans. The recent gossip about impeaching our president of the United States is careless gossip from a few incompetent residents of this great nation. Please let them disappear in their stench.
The best of our knowledge, as American citizens, taxpayers, and regular voters: We the voters of this nation elected Donald Trump as our president. We are thankful for his participation in the leadership of the United States of America. We want him to be able to concentrate on the work of our nation and not have his time wasted by the shallow-headed Americans who cause trouble for our elected president, Mr. Donald Trump. Let's be intelligent enough to support him and the leadership he provides for this nation.  
We are faithful citizens of this nation and we are pleased to have a president who, as an American businessperson, was very successful. We support him and we are delighted as citizens and taxpayers to have a competent person at our nation’s leadership, and we want to be rid of forever the sneaky, incompetent and dishonest Obama crowd.
Just citizens of USA.
Arlee and Lyle Berg

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