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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fool me once, shame on you. You ain't going to get another chance.

When the U.S. government geared up to invade Iraq,  there was some resistance.  There were some people who asked questions about the evidence of weapons of mass destruction,  the report of the U.N. team that looked for them but found none, and what the actual intelligence agencies of our country and our allies had for information.  The lack of evidence was compelling, but the nation had been whipped into the mood for war, and the voices that asked for the evidence were shouted down.  And so, we sent soldiers to their deaths, maimed and crippled many others, and spent billions and billions on a war that was contrived.

We are facing a very similar situation.  News reports and intelligence assessments indicate that people in Syria were killed and made ill from the use of gas, sarin.  It is known and has been for some time that Syria possesses chemical and biological weapons, and has purchased the means of delivery from Russia and Iran.  President Obama has taken up the vow of the western world to never let a holocaust, the killing of civilians, particularly with chemical and biological means, to happen again without holding the perpetrators to account.  

But this time those folks who were so rabid about invading Iraq and plastered decals on their cars in support of that war are inveighing against Obama for wanting to take action against Syria.  For many of the opponents, it is not a matter of responding to an atrocity that is clearly a holocaust-style war crime but a matter of venting hatred against Obama.  The Obama derangement syndrome overrules any concern about the mass killing of the innocent.  

However, for some the reluctance to strike Syria is the result of the lesson learned from Iraq.  People have been made wary about the claims made in support of war by their government.   The 6,000 dead and tens of thousand troops maimed in Iraq are evidence of what deadly foolery a war based upon false information can be.  And so, many of those in opposition to Obama's plan are so because of Iraq.

People do deserve to have any information calling them to war detailed and verified.  One of the leaders against the mounting of war in Iraq was former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who  was among those pointing to the falseness of information and the assessments of Iraq by people who actually were acquainted with the situation on the ground in Iraq at the time.  But when a populace is whipped into a war-mongering frenzy, truthful information is sacrificed to the lust for blood.  

Dennis Kucinich now offers a list of  things that have not been verified about the justifications for a war strike against Syria.  They are worth your attention in making any decision about supporting a planned strike.  

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