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Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman got his trophy.

We shoot them now. 

The most damning element here is not that George Zimmerman was found innocent: it’s the bitter knowledge that Trayvon Martin was found guilty.   [Jelani Cobb  ,The New Yorker.]

On a rainy night in February,  George Zimmerman loaded his pistol, tucked it into his butt holster, got in his truck and drove to a place where he set up his stand.  Stand, as in "deer stand."  He got lucky that night.  He was on a "coon" hunt and here one came.

It was a young buck, 17 years old, sauntering along with a can of iced tea and a package of Skittles, hood on his sweat shirt over his head against the rain.  A prime specimen.  Zimmerman called him a punk.  Punks always get away, he said when he called the police dispatcher.  Not this one, however.  Zimmerman was there with his loaded weapon to stalk him.  

Zimmerman was volunteering for a neighborhood watch.  A nice pastime, because there is always a chance that you can shoot a buck.   When he saw him, in a sportsman-like gesture, Zummerman called the police dispatcher, reported the sighting, and offered to stalk it.  The dispatcher said we don't need you to do that.  But always the sportsman,  Zimmerman did it anyway.   

Somehow a fight ensued.  No one, except Zimmerman, knows how it started.  It is clear that Zimmerman got beat up a bit.  He ended up reaching into his butt holster, pulling his weapon, and blowing Trayvon's heart out.  You see, Trayvon pulled out his sidewalk and slammed it against Zimmerman's head.  Zimmerman was found not guilty of the second-degree murder charge.  Or manslaughter.

It is a lesson for us all.  Brooks Johnson says, "I guess the lesson is pack a gun for the times your body can't cash the checks your mouth wrote."

Zimmerman was standing his ground.  So was Trayvon, but he really has no ground to stand on.  Don't you idiots out there understand? Trayvon is the prey.  He is  not supposed to fight back.  That's the law.  There is a court precedent in Florida that says so.  
So, all you liberals and others out there who bought guns and ammunition to defend against the Zimmermans had just as well   get rid of them.  You don't count.  You're the designated prey.  The ground is not yours to stand on . 

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