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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Menard's adds political inldoctrination to its product line

Menard's, which has a large home improvement store in Aberdeen, is encouraging its employees to take a course in political indoctrination from the likes of Herman Cain.  The Huffington Post reports:

Menards, a popular Midwest home improvement chain, has been encouraging its employees to take an at-home civics course, AlterNet reports. The “civics” mostly involve Republican talking points -- you know, like limited government and taxation. The course, which the company has been pushing workers to take since the Iowa caucuses, includes information from Prosperity 101, a program developed by political operatives linked to the Koch brothers.
Though the Menards course manual obtained by AlterNet doesn’t tell employees to vote a certain way, it’s critical of “government takeovers of entire industries like health care,” as well as high taxation, cites former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and claims that more 18-34 year olds believe in UFOs than Social Security.
The Huffington Post attributes this aggressive political indoctrination program directly to the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court.  Read the whole report here.

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