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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin becomes general counsel for Raven Industries

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin announced on Facebook today that the moving of the Herseth Sandlin home to Sioux Falls is because she has joined the Raven Industries executive team as the company's general counsel.

While this might excite the blog speculators into a frenzy about her political future, it also poses more contrasts between Herseth Sandlin's competence in working to reconcile private business interests with government regulations and the floundering vacuousness of the current congresswoman.

In regard to joining Raven whom she has represented as a client, she said, "Raven is doing extraordinary work in designing and manufacturing products that seek to feed a growing population, protect the environment, advance renewable energy and help make our people, communities and country safer."

In her announcement, she stressed her intention to stay, work, and raise her family in South Dakota.  


Ken Blanchard said...

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephenie Herseth-Sandlin Spotlight@Northern, the NSU TV show that I run with my colleague, Dr. Schaff. I liked the congresswoman a lot and I was impressed with her. I think it is a very good sign that she is coming back to South Dakota.

I hope that she is interested in a future political career. South Dakota needs a two party system, and she could help build up the Democratic party in our state.

Bob Newland said...

South Dakota indeed needs a system that entails the views of more than one political persuasion.

HerSand doesn't represent that view.

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