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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Governor shows how it's done in middle school

Lunch was a bit somber Friday, but the intensity of a legislator we know who was the restaurant penetrated.  My family had come from the hospital where my mother-in-law had just been given the last rites.  The legislator was wondering if we had signed a petition yet to repeal South Dakota's atrocity to education, HB 1234, and he was worked up about it.

What he was worked up about was the attitude and spirit behind the bill that he found had nothing to do with what is good for the state, but everything to do with the state Republican attitude that its purpose is to defeat anything the Democrats propose, no matter how absurd, how dishonest, or how damaging.  After the state legislature passed HB 1234, that attitude was fully on display, he said, in the halls of the Capitol.

Our lawmaker friend said he had never seen any governor in the past come into the halls of the legislature to celebrate with or berate members of the legislature before.  After the passage of HB 1234, Gov.  Daugaard came into the halls with the Republican legislators and they were chortling in glee and high-fiving each other  like a bunch of middle schoolers who had just won some small athletic contest. It struck the legislator in the most emphatic terms then what the real agenda of GOP politics is in South Dakota,  to win at all costs, even if it means the destruction of the state. 

He said that demonstration inspired him to carry petitions to repeal the law and tell people about the incident whenever he could.  The GOP  is mindlessly in a rage to destroy everything that stands in the way of total domination by its puerile attitude and goals.  

The legislators fervor got through to us in the midst of a very somber time.  

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