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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why there won't be good jobs in America

The jobless rate is a political issue first, an economic one second.  The facts show that the political choices Americans have made are what has created a near-unsolvable job situation.  Americans have chosen to support corporations over working people.  Many of the jobs America is missing have been outsourced.  

The facts are contained in this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which shows the share of the national income earned by working people:

Workers' share of the national income has been in a state of constant decline for ten years.
Compare the rapid sinking of workers share of income with corporate profit earnings:  

In the same ten years that workers' share of income have fallen, corporate profits have hit record levels.
 There are not jobs because paying people to work interferes with record profits.  It's the way of the current version of the capitalistic system. 

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