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Thursday, March 3, 2011

O, where is that Pravda of yesteryear?

Back when the Soviet Union was in its heyday, a favorite  giggle sport for journalists was to rummage through Pravda, the official Soviet newspaper, and find amusement in the absurd misrepresentations about the west that the newspaper made.  The attempts were so clumsy and crude that even the people in the Soviet Union found the paper absurd and deserving of derision.  The ridiculous portrayals of life inside and outside the Soviet Union contributed to the lack of credibility that eventually brought down the Soviet Union.

Fox News has stepped up and is trying to fill the void left when Boris Yeltsin ordered the newspaper closed in 1991.  It has taken on the protests in Madison, Wisconsin, which have been noisy, but orderly and free of violent confrontations. Fox News has shown videos of

Protesters at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison
confrontations and rowdy struggles between union members and other demonstrators.  The video has lovely  backdrop of palm trees.  It was not shot in Wisconsin, but in California at some incident in the past.  

Fox News leads the way in demonstrating the new conservative ethic. 

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