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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A state's attorney looks at Kristi Noem's court record

This letter-to-the-editor appeared in today's Aberdeen American News:

In recent weeks, there has been much discussion about Kristi Noem's numerous speeding tickets including one at nearly 100 miles per hour. As a prosecutor of 15 years, I have other concerns as well.

What concerns me more are the multiple failures to appear in court. A failure to appear in court reflects disregard for law enforcement and the judicial system, one of our three branches of government. Warrants for failure to appear cost taxpayers money as well: the prosecutor, court reporter, clerk, judge and deputy who goes to serve the warrant are all paid salaries by taxpayers. A failure to appear increases the workload in the judicial system and wastes already scarce court docket time and resources.

It appears that this is not important to Kristi Noem - her time is much more valuable.

I urge the voters of South Dakota to support Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Victor B. Fischbach, Spink County State's Attorney

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