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Monday, April 12, 2010

Will the diversion campaign succeed? Will it succeed in destroying all that is decent?

We have serious problems on every front.  We are in a severe recession that is edging away from falling over the brink into full-scale depression.  A huge number of Americans cannot find work, and while attempts are being made to create jobs, the fact is that the production base of the American economy has been dismantled and sent to China and other countries in the Pacific Rim.  There are few productive jobs left in American to re-stimulate into being.  We are in two economy-depleting wars.  While extricating ourselves from the death-dealing and economy-trashing debacle in Iraq, we find that the Karzai government which we have propped up for eight years in Iran is making overtures to Iran and the Taliban.  And there is the drug-driven revolution in Mexico.To say nothing of a crisis in health care which an alarming number of people don't think another alarming number of people do not deserve.  There are deficits to confront, faltering schools to bolster, and banks to examine before they break us even more.  To say nothing of dangers posted by world factions who would like to go nuclear-mad. 

So, what is the response?  Friday, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement.  By the end of the day, the Republicans mounted a coordinated effort to shout they are mad as hell and they are going to do everything they can to obstruct, impede, and destroy, if possible, any nominations that the President might have the temerity to make that might be anything like Justice Stevens.

Inspiring.  Ain't it?  Watching juveniles bully and throw temper tantrums. 

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