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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

South Dakota GOP gives "suck" a new dimension

When the river is running low, it reveals the bottom-feeders. You know, those slimy things that revel in the muck and thrive on detritus. The river is running real low for the Republican Party, and the muck-suckers are having a feeding frenzy in South Dakota.

State Senator Scott Heidepriem announced that he is a candidate for governor. The South Dakota GOP immediately started secreting slime in the form of a press release that was one of most inanely juvenile ad hominem attacks that rivals anything South Dakota Wart Collage (South Dakota's No. 1 site for ugly) or South Dakota Politics (South Dakota's site for Number Two) could come up with.

We will pin it up on our political memory board, right next to the ad by John Thune supporters that pictured Tom Daschle with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

And if anyone wonders why bright, young people leave this state, they need only look at this kind of thought and expression by those who hold power in this state.

Kevin Woster supplies some competent coverage of Heidepriem's announcement in the Rapid City Journal.

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