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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The gas ovens of Wasilla. Or Dearborn. Wherever.

When the automobile big three were asked to come back to Congress with a plan before getting any bail out money, they did, indeed, come back with one. The individual corporate plans call for massive lay-offs, plant closings, and down-sizing. They also demanded, and got, renegotiations of union contracts.

These measures may save the automobile industry. But what happens to all the people who lose jobs and the health benefits that go with them?

Oh. They are expendable. We must save the auto industry. Not the people.

The American dream. Poverty, illness, and death are just around the corner.

We would not want to commit socialism to let a few worthless people live on. The workers of the world are still being sacrificed to save the monarchies, or those who play that role.

The fascists still are winning.

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